People entering India from "at risk" countries, including all of Europe, will need to take a test for Covid-19 upon arrival at the airport, according to new guidelines issued by the government on Sunday

2021.11.29 14:25 dannylenwinn People entering India from "at risk" countries, including all of Europe, will need to take a test for Covid-19 upon arrival at the airport, according to new guidelines issued by the government on Sunday

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2021.11.29 14:25 seriousname32 My hippo girl Bobbi sat with the photo of her brother Marley who we lost this year, first Christmas without him in 8 years (adopted when he was 3) we all miss him xx

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2021.11.29 14:25 DreamersLost1990 Coffin of Voidness ultimate form. I'm so excited ⚰️⚰️⚰️

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2021.11.29 14:25 alternativecatbianco Loteria

Que dica de investimento vocês daria para quem acabou de ganhar da loteria e não entende nada de investimentos?
Obs.: Infelizmente não ganhei ainda kkkk mas fiquei pensando no tema e confesso que não saberia o que fazer pra fazer o dinheiro render.
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2021.11.29 14:25 politicly1 Michael "Russian Collusion Convict" Flynn appears to have called QLouless 'total nonsense' despite his links

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2021.11.29 14:25 alexbig000 get 800 views

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2021.11.29 14:25 Hot-Marionberry-2320 [JOBS]

hello! i’m a sec 4 student who just finished Os, and is interested in joining the finance industry, particularly investment banking and eventually hedge funds/private equity, but i do have a few questions.

and just tips or advice or your own personal experience :)
thank you!!
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2021.11.29 14:25 Klokinator Cryopod Refresh 311: Passionate Providence

Belial dives toward Lucifer. She hits the ground with a roll and props herself up on her palms, then uses her legs to deliver multiple kicks at unexpected angles. The Emperor of Providence gets forced onto the backfoot by her attacker's superior leg-strength, making her use both of her upper arms for defense while her lower arms try to counter.
Within seconds, the two demonesses exchange a flurry of blows.
Belial shotgun-kicks Lucifer, blasting the three-eyed Emperor into the cell's rear and knocking the wind out of her. She spins on her palm and whirlwind-kicks Lucifer to the left, sending her foe hurtling sideways, where she crashes through the wall into an adjacent cell.
"Aargh! You hussy!" Lucifer screams.
"YOU KILLED MY HUSBAND!" Belial roars, as she pushes off the ground, spins in the air, and lands back on her feet. The moment Belial's toes touch the ground, she pushes off and lunges at Lucifer again, switching to punches in order to uppercut and side-swipe the two-headed Emperor.
All the while, as Lucifer gains more and more control of her son's body, Gressil becomes quieter than ever, seemingly receding into himself and falling asleep.
Lucifer's third eye easily tracks Belial's high-speed movements, but the clumsiness of Gressil's body slows her reaction speed down. Several times, Lucifer eats a punch or a kick she might have evaded millennia ago, when she was in her own body. She retaliates with multiple mana-blasts from her third eye, yet even the ones that hit barely slow Belial down, so terrifying is the Emperor of Passion's wrath.
While the two Emperors fight, the Wordsmith and his allies observe the fight, momentarily unsure of what to do. It doesn't take long before Jason makes a decision.
"Everyone! Fan out and continue searching for Hope! Scour every cell! Move in groups of two! If Gressil, or Lucifer, or whoever-the-fuck is in control of his body are being distracted by Sam, now is our chance! We have to find Hope!"
Phoebe turns to Jason. "What about Samantha's fight? Can't we help her?"
The Wordsmith shakes his head. "I don't have my Wordsmithing, and none of us are capable of fighting an Emperor. It's better if we use this chance to finish searching for Hope!"
Without any other options, the others simply nod.
"Alright," Chadwick says. "You heard the Hero! Fan out and stay in groups of two! Mark down the cells of any other civilians, but focus on finding Hope! We don't know how long Belial can hold out against Gressil!"
Jason and Phoebe stick together. They start to run down one of the other corridors, but a single trooper steps in front of them, wearing a unique exosuit.
"Commander. With all due respect, I might be able to help the succubus."
Jason pauses. He does a quick once-over of the man before him, the only soldier wearing a Rhino-type T-REX, Lieutenant Samuel.
"You can?"
Samuel nods. "My suit is designed for combating demon elites. I doubt I'll land any killing blows, but my Rhino can take one hell of a beating."
"Beelzebub nearly killed you, and he was only a Duke," Phoebe interjects. "You don't stand a chance against Gressil!"
"Not alone." Samuel replies. "But if I'm only providing physical support, I can do more good than by joining the search."
Jason nods. "Alright, so be it. Stay safe then, Samuel. So far, we have zero casualties on this excursion. Don't be the one who changes that!"
Samuel smiles under his helmet.
"Don't worry, sir. I won't."
Without any fanfare, Samuel charges past his commanding officers to join Belial's fight, leaving Jason and Phoebe behind.
"Phoebe shoots a glance at Samuel's departing figure.
"Are we really going to let him-?"
"Hope is our top priority," Jason answers. "Samuel knows what he's doing. Let the man do what he does best."
He and his wife join the search. Together, they begin rapidly scouring every last cell in the unsearched containment blocks, kicking open doors and rescuing any still-living prisoners who they find in decent condition.
Meanwhile, Samuel stomps toward Belial and Lucifer, wincing as the shockwaves of their fight pound through the hallways, passing right through his exosuit to hammer his internal organs.
"Guh! Damn, these demons are too fucking strong... how's a normal human ever supposed to compete? That Hero had better come up with a solution in the future, or we're all fucked."
As he approaches the sounds of battle, Belial suddenly crashes into the corridor, having been blasted backward by one of Lucifer's eye-beams. The Emperor of Providence leaps out of the cell with both her fists raised and swings them down at her hated enemy.
Seeing his first chance come so quickly, Samuel doesn't hesitate. He activates a thruster module on his spine and races to intercept Lucifer, giving her only a second to react. Unable to stop her momentum in midair, Lucifer merely shoots a glance at the weak little human rushing toward her.
"Some maggot, come to die?!"
Samuel's spiked shoulder stabs into Gressil's body and knocks Lucifer aside, making her punches strike the wall uselessly. Before Samuel can detach, Lucifer casually swings a fist at the exosuit embedded in her left ribcage, and the impact sends Samuel flying!
His durable Rhino exosuit, the strongest of all T-REX models, rocks violently as a single attack from the Demon Emperor of Providence flings him into a wall, where he grinds along it for nearly a hundred meters, losing fifteen percent of his suit's nanite integrity. Samuel bounces off the wall after grinding on it for three seconds, and crashes to the floor.
Completely shattering the human's worst fears, his suit barely manages to hold up from just one of Lucifer's attacks. Samuel spends a full five seconds regaining his bearings before pulling himself to his feet. In that time, Lucifer and Belial re-engage in battle, paying his presence little mind.
Mother of god, Samuel thinks, as he presses his gauntlet against his torso and props himself up against the wall. Just one punch! I feel like if I took another direct hit like that, I'd be a goner! How in the goddamn shit are humans supposed to compete against Emperors? I might as well be a toddler trying to wrestle an alligator!
Any thoughts Samuel had of joining forces with Belial to hammer on Lucifer disappear. Instead, he completely shifts his perspective, watching their rampaging fight from afar while his suit repairs its exterior.
There's no way I can engage the prison-warden directly. Lucifer is too strong. Instead, I should simply try to provide auxiliary support. Harassment. I need to slow her down and become a pesky gnat.
"Centurion. Reconfigure exosuit to long-ranged artillery warfare doctrine."
Samuel nods. "Noted."
Twenty minutes pass. Jason and the others receive a notification from Corporal Hurent.
"I've found Hope! Oh, heavens, he's in bad shape!"
Immediately, every soldier converges on her position.
Jason and Phoebe arrive down one of Faith's End's many hallways at the same time as Amelia, Chadwick, and the others. They find Corporal Hurent standing alongside the Demon Lord of Gnats, Kiari. The sight of Hope in the Corporal's arms first makes them exhale in relief, only to immediately follow up with gasps of horror.
"Oh my god!" Phoebe howls. "Hope's arms! His legs! What happened to them?!"
As she approaches, Corporal Hurent gently lays Hope down on the hallway floor, while a pair of Clinicians swiftly approach and inject Hope with nanite-based healing solutions.
"He's in shock," Hurent says. "We found him in this room here, and he was... he was like this when we got here. His limbs are... they're in a bucket off to the side. I-I don't want to talk about it."
The corners of Jason's mouth curl into a snarl. "Gressil. That bastard! How could he do this? This goes beyond the realm of mere torture... this is absolute sadism!"
Hope's body, covered in cuts, burns, and gashes, appears to be only in a bit better of a state than the angel girl's. Given his human biology, he can't possibly regenerate or withstand the abuse an angel can, and so, his condition ends up much more life-threatening than hers.
Jason shoots a glance at the others. "How many teleportation modules do we have left?"
"Just thirty." Chadwick answers.
"That will have to do. I have to return to the Core along with Hope. Now that Samantha is tied up with Lucifer, she can't heal him, but I can. I can't help her fight a Demon Emperor, not with this mana-suppression field still active, so I won't accomplish anything by staying here."
"I'll go with you," Amelia says, her eyes fixated on Hope's body. "Phoebe?"
"I... I'll stay here." Phoebe answers. "I can't go until I make sure Sam gets back alive!"
"I object," Chadwick says. "Miss Hiro. You are too important to humanity to risk your life here. The rest of us can die, but Jason is our mightiest mage, and you're our smartest inventor. We can't risk losing you to Gressil."
Phoebe hesitates. "But-"
"No 'buts'," Chadwick interrupts. "You'll return along with the Hero. The rest of us will hammer that prison-warden with everything we've got. Don't underestimate the strength of 5,000 of humanity's elites! If we were to face him alone, we'd all die dog deaths, but with Belial there, we still stand a chance!"
For a brief moment, Phoebe considers pulling rank.
However, Jason speaks up.
"Everyone, we don't have time to spare. I've determined that the mana suppression field we've been under is emanating from Gressil himself. His body seems to be outputting the field in a huge radius. This means magical abilities won't be any use against him. Additionally, he himself can still use his own magic inside of the field, which gives him a tremendous advantage against us. Knowing this, I think Belial will eventually lose without all of your help."
Jason turns to the lone Demon Lord in the group.
"Kiari. I have a job for you. I'm going to return to Tarus II to heal Hope. While I'm there, I'll use the Cube to manufacture enough teleportation beacons to send every soldier home, including Belial. I want you to stand outside Gressil's mana suppression radius and wait for my delivery. When the time is right, I'll send you a crate full of teleportation transponders, and you'll have to run back into Faith's End to deliver them to the soldiers. Got it?"
The Lord of Gnats quickly nods, even while her heart flutters anxiously. "A-alright! I'll do my best!"
"The rest of you," Jason continues, "will follow Chadwick's lead. Beat the shit out of Lucifer, Gressil, or whoever-the-fuck-else he turns into. If the situation turns dicey, get out of there. Don't risk a direct confrontation with Gressil. If Lucifer somehow defeats Belial, none of you will stand a chance! Just run for your lives and send a distress call. I... I'll figure something out!"
"Yes, sir!" The entire group shouts in unison.
After confirming a few more things, Jason turns his attention to his limbless clone, whose eyes flutter open and shut as waves of pain course through his body.
"This is my fault, too..." Jason grimaces.
A minute later, Jason, Phoebe, Amelia, and Hope all vanish from the spot, returning to the Core.
The remaining human leaders affix teleportation transponders to their suits, but they don't look pleased about doing so.
"As a man, as a soldier, and as your commander, if I have to activate this beacon and leave the rest of you to die, I'll never forgive myself," Chadwick says. "So, don't you dare let Gressil win! Let's teach that maiming, mutilating, malicious-minded monster not to mess with humanity ever again! Let's save Belial and get the hell out of here!"
"Yes, commander!" Comes the unified response.
Belial's fist thumps the side of Lucifer's head, sending her spinning head over heels. Lucifer plows against the wall and grimaces, glaring daggers at the former Second Emperor.
"One good hit, and you won't be getting back up, Bitch-lial! You can't heal yourself while fighting me!"
A small bit of blood drips from Belial's lips, but otherwise, she appears to be in far better condition than Lucifer.
"I guess I'll just have to not get hit, then"
Lucifer jumps to her feet, then belly-flops to the floor, momentarily confusing Belial. The Emperor of Providence skitters toward the succubus using all six of her limbs, similar to a spider. This sudden boost of speed catches Belial off-guard as Lucifer pounces at her from below, headbutting Belial's stomach and sending her crashing into the wall.
Belial crashes into the corridor, and Lucifer jumps at her, her eye turning red as she prepares to fire a mana-burst at the succubus.
All of a sudden, from more than three hundred meters away, a pair of high caliber bullets fire from of the shadows and tear into Lucifer's ribs, deeply embedding in her flesh and spraying blood behind her.
Lucifer stumbles to the side, completely misses Belial, and shoots a dirty glare toward the 'insignificant' human from earlier. Samuel's Rhino-suit appears completely different, with a pair of high-impact cannons resting atop his shoulders, each one capable of firing one tank-buster round every two seconds.
His boots appear much wider as well, digging into the Labyrinth floor to hold him steady and reduce his recoil. His frontal armor, doubly-reinforced, unfortunately leaves his back exposed, but protects him from attacks coming from the only direction that currently matters.
"Eat shit, you psychopathic demon bitch!" Samuel shouts, before firing another two rounds.
The human releases another pair of rounds at Lucifer. She doesn't dodge in time, allowing them to rip through her stomach and out of her back.
"Aargh! Wretched little human! This queen generously spared your life, but since you're so desperate to die, let me send you on your way!"
Her eye glows, and a moment later, she fires a laser of mana directly at Samuel!
Samuel's exosuit instantly triangulates her attack direction. Before she fires, it conjures a prepared wall of nanites at the impact location, hardening them just in the nick of time.
Even so, the power of a Demon Emperor stands many echelons above a mere exosuit. Lucifer's mana blast strikes Samuel with enough power to tear his boots from the ground and send him flying backward! The human screams as he loses control and hurtles hundreds of meters away from Belial and Lucifer, eventually crashing and grinding against the floor, where he comes to a stop and flops backward, falling unconscious.
Lucifer shoots the pathetic human one last sneer before lowering her eyes to the deep bullets holes in her flesh.
"Urgh! That filthy mongrel! He actually wounded me!"
Belial jumps to her feet. She shoots a sympathetic glance at Samuel's fallen form, but quickly returns her attention to Lucifer.
"That injury sure looks painful. Want me to kiss it and make it all better?"
"Oh, I'll give you something to kiss!" Lucifer yells.
Lucifer's eyes flash with color once again. This time, however, she doesn't charge up a mana-blast.
"Hehehe! Let's see how you handle a thousand years of pain!"
Belial swings her fist at Lucifer, but her opponent ducks the attack, lowers her head, and flicks her third eye to look directly at Belial's face.
Suffer the agony of my Demonic Trance, Belial!
Lucifer fires an attack aimed not at Belial's body, but her soul!
A moment later, the corridor falls silent, as Belial and Lucifer become locked in a battle on the plane of souls.
Belial's vision darkens. The world around her transforms into absolute blackness, while Gressil's hideous figure rapidly shifts and mutates into a much more familiar, feminine figure.
Lucifer, now in her 'original body,' faces down Belial, who suddenly finds herself chained spread-eagle to a table covered in blood. No matter how she struggles, she fails to break the chains, even with her ordinarily unsurpassable demonic strength.
Belial sucks in a breath. "This... this is your Demonic Trance! It's only an illusion!"
Lucifer chuckles quietly. "Hehehe. Is it...? Are you so certain of that, Satan's Whore? This is no illusion! My Demonic Trance takes you to another plane of existence, one where I rule with absolute power! Here, I will make you suffer the pain of a thousand deaths!"
Belial writhes against the chains, but for some reason, they only become tighter and pull even more painfully on her body, slowly dislocating her joints as they rip her apart.
"Eeyah! It hurts! It hurts!"
Lucifer's nails grow several inches long. While Belial screams in pain, the Emperor of Providence plunges her nails into the succubus's chest and drags them downward, ripping her skin open to reveal Belial's heart, liver, and lungs.
Lucifer reaches into Belial's body. She tears out Belial's heart and laughs wickedly, reveling in the succubi's tortured screams.
"Hahahaha!! Oh, how I've always wanted to do this to you! That damned Satan kept getting in my way, but now he's nowhere to be seen! Say, Belial, would you like to see it? Would you like to see how I finally put that undying bastard into the dirt for good?! It was actually an accident, if you can believe it, but what a fortunate turn of events it was!"
Tears stream down Belial's face. "Murderer! I'll kill you!"
"You can try!" Lucifer cackles. She waves her hand, causing the blackened void to shift and change to one of a serene field of flowers, where a short Demon Emperor stands with a black-haired woman before him.
"Look carefully!" Lucifer laughs. "This was the moment where the Black Witch finally ended Satan's reign... for all eternity!"
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2021.11.29 14:25 shonig225 In honor of the 1st day/night of Hanukkah, I drew this Chandelure menorah. Happy Hanukkah!

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2021.11.29 14:25 RealAnthonyCamp Rep. Tom Suozzi To Run For Governor: Reports

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2021.11.29 14:25 DaKumquatking Found this one in the wild (OC)

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2021.11.29 14:25 ShadowNacho I can't wait for Astralis to lose to Fnatic in a home game..

That way when the basic danish fans leave Fnatic fans can do the "Is there a fire drill?" chant a la British football
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2021.11.29 14:25 WinterAd3357 Don’t think anyone else has this ranking of parts

  1. Stone Ocean
  2. Stardust Crusaders
  3. JoJolion
  4. DIU
  5. SBR
  6. Golden Wind
  7. Phantom Blood
  8. Battle Tendency
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2021.11.29 14:25 Spirited_Work_4997 ⚡️Givetime Featured by Bloomberg Nasdaq Yahoo Finance. Privat sales . Benefits for early investors 💸

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2021.11.29 14:25 dogacademia tTHE ONLY GIRL IVE EVER LOVED

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2021.11.29 14:25 AFKNanoBotYT LetsPlay - Mafia: Definitive Edition Playthrough (Part 11)

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2021.11.29 14:25 Jujumonvandel Crancor guild is recruiting

Hello good people! Timelord Academy is looking for 2-3 active and dedicated members. We are an independent UK based guild that recently started farming the challenge rancor raid at 220m gp. We have a couple of members who are not fitting and will be replaced. Ds geo tb is at 27* currently with 30+ wat shards and Ls geo tb is at 12* with 3-5 kam shards (increasing every montg). What we want from you is to have 2-3 crancor ready teams and commitment towards endgame content. If you think you fit give me a dm. Looking forward to hear from you!
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2021.11.29 14:25 sotexguy20 🔴 MrsRivers is LIVE on Clapper now.

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2021.11.29 14:25 Victor15150 Streak 134: El acento boliviano

Hoy escuché el acento boliviano pela primera vez. Solo escuché a una persona, así que no puedo decir que conozco a todos los acentos de Bolivia, pero me gustó lo que he escuchado.
Fue muy fácil entenderlo, es probablemente el acento del español más fácil de entender para mí. Un problema que tengo con los diferentes españoles que existen es que, a pesar de saber que son diferentes, y sentir que son diferentes, muchas veces no consigo decir cuál es la diferencia. Es un poco agonizante escuchar dos cosas que claramente son diferentes pero no conseguir explicar el motivo.
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2021.11.29 14:25 ramo221 MekaApe the first ape in the metaverse join to get WL and giveaway follow steps in bio

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2021.11.29 14:25 Sinaju172 Help w cpu

i recently bought a nzxt z63 and i install it on my pc, just used my computer to download the nzxt software. when i was customizing the display panel to gpu/cpu temps it showed me that my cpu is around 95 to 100 C. and these are the temps of my pc just running w no games. is there a reason why? is there a way to fix this? im pretty new to AIO's and im pretty sure that there is thermal paste in the cpu .
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2021.11.29 14:25 ClassicIntention_ Math as a GE? (eco hons)

i'm an average math student whos bad at numbers lol but decent at calculus. its said math as a ge is helpful in eco hons but would i be biting off more than i can chew? i dont want to add a subject that would be a burden. but im considering it becayse the only other option is theory-intensive commerce :D
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2021.11.29 14:25 thelivingjerrycan Im new to battletech, why does everyone hate the Capellans?

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2021.11.29 14:25 MW2Jinx What would happen if League characters caught someone masturbating?

Believe it or not, I'm just morbidly curious to know what would happen if League characters like Jinx, Caitlyn, Vi, or Lux caught someone pleasuring themselves. The bonus here is do you think Jinx would be flattered or would she laugh in ridicule?
Like I said before, I am morbidly curious and I want honest answers. I don't want any unnecessary criticism for this NSFW question. Just leave an honest answer and pretend this question never existed. This is all in good fun.
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2021.11.29 14:25 GuinchiWasTaken Worst survivor perk?

What is the most useless survivor perk in the game?
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